Steve Bannon

Julia Conley, staff writer
"It's rather uncontroversial to suggest that Stephen Miller has white nationalist politics. But when Ilhan Omar says it, it's somehow anti-Semitic?"
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This is a huge step in the right direction. AIPAC upholds the occupation of...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Wilbur Ross "engineered the citizenship question with notorious white...


Speaking of shunning: Former White House Chief Strategist and current racist low-life hack and "moldering carcass of hubris and delusion" Steve Bannon is bobbing back up in our dystopian landscape, with less than stellar results. He's slated to speak at a tech conference where others have dubbed him "odious" and has held several "micro" GOP rallies that drew tens of fans and disavowal from candidates. Still, he insists to fellow-deplorables, "We’re all in this together.” Actually, not.