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Dean Baker

On Paying for a Green New Deal with Modern Monetary Theory

We should perhaps not blame politicians who advocate a GND without telling us how they plan to pay for it. After all, Republican politicians have been getting elected for 40 years by promising big tax cuts without saying how they would pay for them. Still, MMT is not the solution.

Dean Baker ·

Worry About the Old, Not the Rich, HuffPost Tells Readers

We have seen a massive upward redistribution over the last four decades yet there is a large market for pieces saying the big conflict in the US is generational rather than class

Dean Baker ·

Progressive Tax Takes Aim at Wall Street Transactions, Financial Crashes

"In the current moment of surging support for taxing the wealthy, this sensible Wall Street tax may have a good shot."

Eoin Higgins ·

Up Against the Wall Street Journal: A Green Job Guarantee

With an environmental crisis bearing down on us, and having suffered through a nearly decade-long economic expansion that has done so little to improve the lot of most workers, this is no time for half measures

John Miller ·

Medicare for All Will Drastically Lower Prescription Drug Prices by Taking on Pharma’s Greed

For a Medicare for All system to meaningfully lower prescription drug prices, it must give the government the power to put the patent at risk, not the patient

Alex Lawson ·

Why Do the Media Provide Cover for Austerity Cranks, Like the Folks Running the EU?

Rather than pointing out that the advocates of austerity have been shown wrong, most reporting continues to treat their policies as being credible

Dean Baker ·

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Team Up to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

The two senators, both likely 2020 presidential candidates, are leading the charge to reduce drug prices in the United States

Eric Jaffa ·

No One Said Rich People Were Very Sharp: Davos Tries to Combat Populism

The real incredible aspect of Davos is that so many political leaders and news organizations would go to a meeting that is quite explicitly about rich people trying to set an agenda for the world

Dean Baker ·

Washington Post Forgets to Mention, Scott Walker Misled Fifth Graders About Taxes

Former Wisconsin governor either does not understand how our income tax system works or is deliberately lying to advance his agenda

Dean Baker ·

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Right that Tax Justice is Key to our Democratic Prospect?

There is so much wealth and income parked among a few at the top that sums in the neighborhood of 100 billion a year can be raised quite easily

John Buell ·

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