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Clarence Thomas

Right-Wing Judges Want to Overturn a Legal Precedent Preserving Free Speech

Without the protection of the "actual malice" standard in libel suits, political and business leaders, with their bottomless legal war chests, can simply use the threat of litigation to throw a chilling shroud over journalists and political activists.
Ari Paul ·

Brett Kavanaugh's Accusers Are Being Treated Just Like Anita Hill Was. The Senate Has Learned Nothing.

It seems increasingly likely that the Senate Judiciary Committee will repeat its catastrophic failures from the Clarence Thomas hearings

Nita Lowey ·

Students at Yale Law School, Kavanaugh's Alma Mater, Join Nationwide Protests Against His Confirmation

"We urge the Senate Judicial Committee to give Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Debbie Ramirez the fair investigation that they're due and they've asked for."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Christine Blasey Ford Is Risking it All to Speak Out

It comes at the cost of being victimized all over again—but this time with a nation watching her every word and move, and then peeling it apart over and over again

Eleanor McManus ·

A Full Investigation Is Needed Into the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

We should understand more now, 27 years later, about the ways sexual assault and harassment cause lifelong harm — personally and professionally

Lenora Lapidus ·

As Demands Grow for Kavanaugh to Withdraw and FBI to Probe Assault Allegations, Anita Hill Offers 'Basic Ground Rules' for Senate Hearing

Failing to implement a formal process to review such allegations shows the Judiciary Committee "has learned little from the Thomas hearing, much less the more recent #MeToo movement."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

For All the Hereafter: On the 14th Amendment and Clarence Thomas' Ridiculous Dissent

The Fourteenth Amendment is a living document, and Clarence Thomas is a terrible historian

Patrick Rael ·