Jane Fonda

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
American activist and actress Jane Fonda
"I will be on the East Lawn of the Capitol every single Friday, rain or shine, and would be honored to have you join me."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
After nearly 70 years of conflict, former president Jimmy Carter called ending...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Every sexual predator in every walk of professional life is—and should be—...


The besieged water protectors at Standing Rock are marking a dissonant Thanksgiving - aka Thankstaking/ Day of Mourning - full of bitter ironies. As most Americans go about their gluttonous business, the Sioux and their supporters mourn their losses, vow defiance, confront brutal riot police and yet see growing support, including a holiday meal served by a Barbarella-led delegation. "If you're having trouble with the thanks," advised one supporter, "focus on the giving."