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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Wake the Children Sleeping: James Baldwin's White Fragility Meets Critical Race Theory and Freaks Right Out

Running out of boogeymen and phantom conspiracies - Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, antifa, dead Hugo Chavez flipping elections - a flailing GOP has glommed onto Critical Race Theory, which rightly acknowledges the role of racism in American society but which they're feverishly trying to ban for "teaching kids to hate each other and our country." Cue newly unveiled video of an eloquent James Baldwin on covert white terror of black people and "what the Black face hides. They're sure it’s hiding something. Of course what it’s hiding is American history....what white people know they have done."

Abby Zimet, Further columnist · Jun 16, 2021

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