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Public Citizen

Congress Urged to Divert Pentagon Dollars After Afghan Withdrawal Towards Social Uplift, Climate Emergency

"The real security challenges of today—from the climate crisis to global inequality—demand that we cut the Pentagon budget and invest instead in human needs," said one peace advocate who backed a letter to U.S. lawmakers.

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

'Bucket of Water' vs. 'Raging Inferno': Critics Say Biden's Global Vaccine Donation Not Nearly Enough

"Twenty million is a depressingly tiny figure compared to the global need," said one expert.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Progressive Groups Demand Biden Appoint Chair Who Will End Fed's Funding of 'Climate Destruction'

"If the Fed did not begin moving aggressively on Day One of the Biden administration (if not long before that), then the Fed is contributing to the climate crisis."

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Report Debunks Big Pharma's 'Dangerous Narrative' on Vaccine Supplies

"We need urgent public manufacturing and technology sharing to meet global need and end the pandemic."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

After Prosecutions Dove to 25-Year Low Under Trump, Will Biden DOJ Crack Down on Corporate Crimes?

"President Biden's DOJ should ramp up enforcement to show that corporate criminals are not above the law," says author of new study.

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Coalition Mobilizes to Protect Billions of WhatsApp Users From Facebook's Privacy Invasion

"We can't let Mark Zuckerberg continue to get filthy rich off of this exploitation of our personal info. We must reclaim our privacy."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'Exactly What This Country Needs': Progressives Applaud Biden's Proposal to Raise Taxes on Wealthy

"The era of trickle-down nonsense is over—it's time to tax the rich."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

Coalition Calls for Bold Pricing Reforms to Save $450 Billion on Drug Costs

The U.S., said one advocate, could "pump those savings back into Medicare" to expand and strengthen the program.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Pressure Campaign Kicks Off in US to Force Big Pharma and Biden to End Vaccine Apartheid

The absence of a WTO patent waiver, say public health advocates, "means we won't end the pandemic, millions of people will die, and the global economy will suffer."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·