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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Demolishing the Demonic Plans of Our Enemy, and Can We Get An Amen

Things are bleak, but we put our hope in Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss "Jesus Guns Babies" Taylor, who like a fierce cross (thank you Jesus) between Ayn Rand, Elmer Gantry and Bill Hader's Stefon, has vowed to push out elitists and solar farms, stand up to the Luciferian Cabal, bring the Satanic Regime to its knees, and end "the perversions of the furry culture," especially after one killed all those people in Buffalo. Polls show her getting maybe 5% of the vote, but she and her followers dismiss those numbers 'cause we all know, "These evil people will stop at nothing!"

Abby Zimet · May 2, 2022

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