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Why are the billionaires always laughing?

Because they know the corporate media will never call bullshit on their bullshit.


A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Be Of Good Cheer: Death Cult Christians Say Better To Go Home to the Lord (Albeit With COVID) Than Wear A Mask

And lo, the permutations of anti-mask/vax/reason cranks have been many: hoax, threat to freedom, scheme by Nazis/Commies/ "deep-state motherfuckers" to put kids in masks that "rape their lives away.” Now, behold, in a "creepy final stage of denial," The Federalist argues God, not "a catchy virus," decides when we die; that despite "pagan" beliefs death is good for Christians, who must repent for their response to COVID, obey Biblical teachings, and go quietly, drowning in their own lung fluid, unto death. Then, they say, "Let us rejoice, and sin no more." Can we get an Amen?

Abby Zimet · Oct 20, 2021

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