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Bill Clinton

US Reporting Fails to Note Foreign Roots of Haiti's 'Constitutional Crisis'

Voices within Haiti amplified in foreign corporate media are political parties.

Mark Schuller ·

DNC Appears Ready to Sideline Progressive Standout Ocasio-Cortez at Upcoming Convention

"You want Bill Clinton to speak but maybe not AOC. Okay, dummies."

Eoin Higgins ·

Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme

As the web of lies spun by Clinton and Albright has unraveled, and the truth behind their lies has spilled out piece by bloody piece, the war on Yugoslavia has emerged as a case study in how U.S. leaders mislead us into war.

Nicolas J.S. Davies ·

From Juanita Broaddrick to Tara Reade: In Forty Years Has Nothing Changed at All?

"If Christine Blasey Ford is credible, then Tara Reade is credible at the very least—and so is Juanita Broaddrick."

Thomas Neuburger ·

Trump's Impeachment Defense Is Incoherent By Design

While the GOP may indeed preserve Trump’s tenure through their death grip on a slim Senate majority, history books will not be kind to the deceit they have displayed and the fools they have made of themselves.

Sonali Kolhatkar ·

We Need More Than the Relatively Useless War Powers Resolutions

By any measure, the War Powers Act has failed to constrain presidential warmaking. A simpler step would be to stop funding wars.

Harry Blain ·

The Great American Shakedown

The mortal wounds inflicted on our democratic institutions are bipartisan.

Chris Hedges ·

Trump’s Recognition of Israeli Settlements Is Rooted in Bipartisan Support

Three previous U.S. administrations all ignored the gross power asymmetry between the Palestinians under occupation and the Israeli occupiers—an imbalance compounded by the fact that as the chief mediator in negotiations, the U.S. is also the primary military, economic, and diplomatic supporter of the occupying power.

Stephen Zunes ·

Coming to Terms With the U.S. Role in Central America

U.S. military intervention has played an important role in the instability, poverty, and violence that drives tens of thousands of people from the Central American countries toward Mexico and the United States.

César Chelala ·

The 1994 Crime Bill and Beyond: How Federal Funding Shapes the Criminal Justice System

The 1994 crime bill has a complicated legacy, dominated by funding incentives blamed for driving mass incarceration. A quarter century later, there are numerous proposals to undo the damage.

Lauren-Brooke Eisen ·

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