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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Mitch, Please: Yeah That's Me. American.

In a tragicomedy of malignant errors, racist turtle and "sloppy first attempt at a pancake with blueberry eyes" Mitch McConnell strove to defend his indefensible "Klanian slip" about African-American vs "American" voters, arguing he just "inadvertently" omitted a word that's either almost, all or other. But people of color, many veterans, raged: "My African ancestors built this mf." They also posted endless, tender photos of husbands, grandkids, friends, dog to proclaim, "They're American." Winner: "I'm so American I don’t even know which part of Africa Mitch’s ancestors stole mine from."

Abby Zimet · Jan 21, 2022

Virginia Schools Sue Youngkin Mandate Making Masks Optional

The Republican governor wants to allow parents to decide whether their children should wear masks to school to mitigate Covid-19 transmission—guidance at least 58 school districts have no plans to follow.
Julia Conley ·

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