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'Sad Day for Western Democracy': Chomsky, Ellsberg, Others Denounce Assange Extradition

"The U.K.'s decision to extradite Julian Assange to the nation that plotted to assassinate him—the nation that wants to imprison him for 175 years for publishing truthful information in the public interest—is an abomination."

Brett Wilkins ·

On Nuclear Annihilation and Other Topics: A Talk With Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Ellsberg spoke about the ongoing threat of atomic weapons, the terrifying effort to build more world-threatening ICBMs, and the urgent need for a renewed anti-war movement.

Richard Eskow ·

To Avert 'Global Nuclear Holocaust,' US Groups Demand Abolition of ICBMs

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says no other immediate action would go further "to reduce the real risk of a false alarm in a crisis causing the near-extinction of humanity."

Jake Johnson ·

Because She Was Wrong About Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, Daniel Ellsberg Joins Campaign Against Flournoy

Declaring that "we do not need a hawk with relationships with the weapons industry," Nobel Prize-winning peace activist Jody Williams also urged Biden not to pick Michèle Flournoy as defense secretary.

Jake Johnson ·

Dear Fellow Progressives: Please Vote for Biden

The best hope of removing Trump from the White House is a landslide victory for Biden.

Daniel Ellsberg ·

Why Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg Are So Adamant About the Imperative of Defeating Trump

Defeating Trump is a crucial—and certainly insufficient—precondition for making possible the kind of changes in government policies that are desperately required for social decency.

Norman Solomon ·

Daniel Ellsberg Tells UK Court That US Seeks Both 'Revenge' Against Julian Assange and to 'Crush' Future Whistleblowers

The Pentagon Papers leaker previously called Assange's prosecution the most "significant attack on freedom of the press" since his 1971 case.

Brett Wilkins ·

A New Film Blows the Whistle on War

If the press is the "fourth estate," the cinema is arguably the fifth. Official Secrets indicts Blair, Bush, and other mass murderers in the court of public opinion—at a theater near you

Ed Rampell ·

Unequal Justice: Julian Assange Is an Enemy in Trump’s War on the First Amendment

Unless and until Assange’s prosecution is dismissed, no publication will be safe from the Administration’s vengeance and overreach

Bill Blum ·

This Is Pure Authoritarian Audacity

The administration* tries something and, if there's no resistance, tries something more. This time, it's shrouding the Pentagon in secrecy as we saber-rattle at Iran

Charles P. Pierce ·

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