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The Post-Petroleum Resource Race and What to Make of It

Lithium, cobalt, and rare earths.

Michael T. Klare ·

The Most Colossal Planning Failure in Human History

We have built up civilization to a scale that can temporarily be supported by finite and polluting energy sources, and we have simply assumed that this scale of activity can continue to be supported by other energy sources that haven't yet been developed or substantially deployed.

Richard Heinberg ·

The Arts and Culture of a Just Transition

A just transition means moving towards a regenerative economy, characterized by explicit anti-racist, anti-poverty, feminist, intersectional approaches to living.

Sepideah Mohsenian-Rahman ·

"Our Planet, Our Future"—Another Desperate Plea for Humanity to Wake Up

There is no law of nature according to which all technological civilizations must self-destruct, but nor is there any guarantee that the great experiment of civilization will succeed.

Phil Torres ·

Community Food Systems Should Be Part of the New Normal

A local, decentralised food system isn’t just good for consumers—it's got big benefits for farmers and our environment as well.

Christian Jaccarini ·

36 Civil Society Organizations Urge Biden to Reverse Draconian Sanctions Against Cuba

"A policy position guided by human rights needs to address how U.S. sanctions towards Cuba severely limit the rights of Cuban citizens to food security, climate justice and dignity."

Jenna McGuire ·

Golden Rule Peace Boat Sets Sail from Hawai'i for California

"We are sailing for a nuclear-free world and a peaceful, sustainable future."

Ann Wright ·

World Must Move From Pledges to Actual Green Recovery Spending

In the wake of a once-in-a-generation pandemic and economic crisis, spending on green recoveries is less than an average year's worth of subsidies on fossil fuels.

Steven Stone ·

Nobel Laureates Urge Humanity to Stop 'Taking Colossal Risks With Our Common Future'

"We need to reinvent our relationship with planet Earth. The future of all life on this planet—humans and our societies included—requires us to become effective stewards of the global commons."

Brett Wilkins ·

Cottontail, Dead at 12

Cottontail, one of about 350 remaining North Atlantic right whales, did not have an easy life.

Tim Whitehouse ·

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