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Julia Conley, staff writer
Since announcing his 2016 presidential run, Trump has been incorrectly claiming at rallies and in interviews that Americans pay the highest tax rates in the world
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Donald Trump offers approval of his son's potentially incriminating tweets in...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Yup, her too. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/cc/flickr)
Climate skeptics, oil tycoons, campaign loyalists, war hawks, and law...


Yowza. Mike "God-Guns-Grits-Gravy" Huckabee, polling at 2% in Iowa, has now made the weirdest, worstest, most deranged ad in what he astutely calls a "cuckoo- ca-choo" election. Preach it, Mike! Channeling Adele and Monty Python in a "Hello" parody, his chanteuse applauds local landmarks in lyrics like "Your Woodbury County Supper Club/ has quite a cute ba-bee!" and laments, "If Bernie wins I'm going to dieeeee!" The response has been basically, "Umm, hello?"