Jessica Corbett, staff writer
#WorldWithoutWalls demonstrators
Demonstrations across the globe denounce walls erected by powerful governments as "monuments of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination, and exploitation"
Jon Queally, staff writer
Will lowly competition between these proposals for Trump's "stupid, dumb"...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Pictures fell from office building walls, objects were shaken off of flat surfaces, and computer monitors toppled over. Some people dove for cover under desks. Local media broadcast video of whitecap waves churning the city's normally placid canals of Xochimilco as boats bobbed up and down," CBS News reported.
The quake hit a little over a week after an 8.2 magnitude tremor slammed Mexico...


Touting its "Proven Technology, Proven Security," Israeli contractor Elbit Systems, which sustains the Israeli Occupation with everything from “intrusion detection systems” on the Apartheid Wall to drones against Gaza to an “Adopt a Combat Unit” program, has won a $145 million contract to provide surveillance to “assist agents in detecting, tracking, identifying and classifying items of interest along our nation's borders." You can see some of those "items" in their creepy, Mission-Impossible-...