Kenny Stancil, staff writer
Argentina's Congress on December 4, 2020 approved a one-time levy on the country's 12,000 richest citizens to fund pandemic recovery measures. (Photo: Juan Mabromata/AFP via Getty Images)
"We're coming out of this pandemic like countries come out of world wars, with thousands of dead and devastated economies," said one senator.
Julia Conley, staff writer
"The crown prince's attendance at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires could make the...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"Obtaining the vote for women, the divorce law, marriage equality, the gender...


This week - from March 22, World Water Day, to March 30, Palestinian Land Day - marks the first International Week Against Mekorot, an international effort to boycott Israel's national water company and hold it accountable for its grossly discriminatory water practices in Palestine. Following recent victories in Argentina and the Netherlands, the campaign has released a devastating video celebrating "liquid apartheid." Come to Israel, it urges, where Mekorot "makes sure you have all the water...