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CREDO on Net Neutrality: "We Can Shake Senators Loose From Corporate Interests."


After the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the Save The Internet Act, CREDO Action Campaign Manager Brandy Doyle issued the following statement:

"Today's vote is exactly what Americans want from their representatives in Congress. The leaders who voted for net neutrality chose to side with more than 80 percent of Americans over giant corporations. People care about maintaining the internet as an open platform accessible to everyone, and outside of Washington, net neutrality is a wildly popular bipartisan issue. Voters will punish the lawmakers, overwhelmingly Republicans, who voted to let massive corporations monetize the internet at will."
"As this fight moves to the Senate, lawmakers would be wise to pay attention to the vast majority of their constituents - as well as the evidence of real harm caused by repealing net neutrality rules. Millions of people from across the country have spoken out and we won't stop until we win. Together we can shake some Senators loose from under the thumb of some of the world's most powerful corporations. And we're going to name and shame every single one who shows they think corporations don't have enough power in this country by voting against the open internet."

CREDO Action, part of CREDO Mobile, is a social change network of over five million activists, sending tens of millions of petition signatures and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to decision-makers each year. CREDO Action members also participate in meetings, protests and other direct action for progressive change.