Jessica Corbett, staff writer
A demonstrator with a sign reading "impeach now"
"Every member—Democrat and Republican—needs to remember the oath they took to protect the Constitution, and speak out publicly in favor of a vote to impeach Trump."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"It's beyond time for the House to do more than small-bore resolutions to give...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Trump is selling the government to the highest bidder and migrant children are...


Just as a poll found that Rush Limbaugh is the most unpopular "news" personality in the cosmos, he's showed us why by calling Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student whose eloquent testimony at a contraception hearing wasn't allowed, a “slut” for having so much sex "she wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay (for it)," which is total bullshit. Jezebel has a fabulous rant on "another ignorant ejaculation" from "the talking butthole that (has) replaced Rush Limbaugh's face." Updates : A...