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From Putin in Ukraine to Bush in Iraq, Illegal Invasions Must Be Condemned

Do not accept war as the answer to any dispute.

Ann Wright ·

While Iraq Pays Off Billions in Reparations for Invading Kuwait, the US Will Never Pay a Dime for Invading Iraq

The US will never have to pay any reparations for all the destruction it kicked off in Iraq.

Juan Cole ·

'I Remember WMDs in Iraq': Reporter Calls Out US Official on Russian Intel Claims

"You just come out and say this and expect us just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it's actually true," said Associated Press reporter Matt Lee.

Jake Johnson ·

A Look Back on a Not So Happy Year

A year of illness, death, mourning, and ever-increasing political chaos on a striking, if not unparalleled, scale threatens the American system as we've known it. Meanwhile, a new kind of weather threatens the world as we've known it.

Tom Engelhardt ·

America's Loser Generals Finally Win Big... Paychecks With the Military-Industrial Complex

After leading decades of destruction and devastation abroad in which victory was always "just around the corner," top U.S. military brass doing just fine with lucrative careers in the profitable war-making industry.

Tom Engelhardt ·

Pentagon Blasted for 'Unacceptable Failure' to Reckon With Civilian Casualties

"For too long, the United States has failed to live up to its legal and moral commitments to the protection of civilians, as well as its own stated policies. This needs to change."

Brett Wilkins ·

Post-9/11 "Nation-Building" in Afghanistan and Iraq Was Nothing But Destruction

Nation-building in Afghanistan and Iraq was the resurrection of a doctrine that should have been buried after Vietnam.

Walden Bello ·

9/11 at 20: Our Moral Obligation After Two Decades of War

First, Washington needs to stop killing people. Next, we have to challenge our nation's assumptions and priorities.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II ·

The Innocent Victims of America's War on Terror Deserve Remembrance Too

Countless people died in the 20 years of war our country launched in the name of our 9/11 dead.

Mitchell Zimmerman ·

Estimated Cost of Post-9/11 US Wars Hits $8 Trillion With Nearly a Million People Dead

"What have we truly accomplished in 20 years of post 9/11 wars, and at what price?" asks co-director of the Cost of War Project.

Jon Queally ·

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