Julia Conley, staff writer
"This has set off alarm bells we cannot afford to ignore," according to U.N. report
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Blackwater mercenaries in Baghdad
A federal appeals court on Friday threw out lengthy prison sentences of three...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Refusing to debate and vote on our ongoing wars is an abdication of our...


Amidst the saber-rattling on Iraq, a fine, furious, gut-wrenching rant from a former Naval intelligence officer who was there from the start on the mindless claim by a draft-dodging Mitt Romney and all the other "simpering capering madmen" and "cowardly connected wealthy weasels" that "tragically, all we've fought on the cusp of vanishing." Tell us, rages Jim Wright, what "we" fought for, and what it would cost to, insanely, do it again.