Julia Conley, staff writer
"If we don't work together, we are going to die together."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We're putting our bodies and our lives on the line to try to save our...
Jenna McGuire, newsroom staff
Smoldering ashes are seen on the ground in Badu near Maiduguri on July 28, 2019, after the latest attack this weekend by Boko Haram fighters on a funeral in northeast Nigeria has left 65 people dead. (Photo: AUDU MARTE/AFP/Getty Images)
"Attempting to eradicate terrorism by force may be exacerbating the problem,...


From Fambul Tok - family talk - a short film on the efforts of the extraordinary women of Sierre Leone to heal their communities, one village at a time, after a devastating decade-long civil war. A happy and peaceful Mother's Day.