Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Protesters march near the Minneapolis Police Department's 1st Precinct during a demonstration against police brutality and racism on August 24, 2020. (Photo: Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images)
"We feel this decision failed not only Jacob and his family, but the community that protested and demanded justice," said his attorneys.
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Protesters in a Black Lives Matter march in Washington, D.C. on June 3, 2020. (Photo: Tasos Katopidis/Getty Images)
"We need an attorney general... committed to ending discrimination; addressing...
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Long lines plagued many primary and general elections in 2020, as here in Atlanta, Georgia on June 9, 2020. (Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)
The coronavirus pandemic "has had extremely harsh effects in Black and Latinx...


If you just couldn't watch Hillary - and we get it - you might have missed the electrifying call by Rev. William Barber, head of North Carolina's NAACP and leader of its Moral Mondays, to embrace "a moral revolution of values" and continue fighting for progressive causes. Citing Jesus, "a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew" - and only briefly referencing Clinton - Barber proclaimed, "We must shock this nation with the power of love. We must shock this nation with the power of mercy."

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