Jake Johnson, staff writer
In an effort to bring national attention to "homegrown voter suppression" and to launch a campaign of " moral resistance " against Republican attempts to strip healthcare from millions, Rev. William J. Barber and other faith leaders marched in Washington on Friday just ahead of the anniversary of a 2013 Supreme Court ruling that effectively gutted...
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Ben Jealous, the youngest person to ever head the NAACP, has entered the race...
Nika Knight, staff writer
Bernie Sanders speaks to Nissan factory workers during the March on Mississippi
While President Donald Trump was tweeting from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm...


If you just couldn't watch Hillary - and we get it - you might have missed the electrifying call by Rev. William Barber, head of North Carolina's NAACP and leader of its Moral Mondays, to embrace "a moral revolution of values" and continue fighting for progressive causes. Citing Jesus, "a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew" - and only briefly referencing Clinton - Barber proclaimed, "We must shock this nation with the power of love. We must shock this nation with the power of mercy."