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Free Press Urges FCC to Act After Congress Suspends Work on Internet Bill


Wednesday, key members of Congress announced an end to a legislative
process that attempted to provide a short-term solution to problems
created by Bush-era deregulatory policies.

Free Press Political Adviser Joel Kelsey made the following statement:

"Free Press appreciates the leadership of Chairman Waxman
and his efforts to engage all stakeholders in the legislative process.
We commit to continuing to work toward preserving an open Internet on
all networks, and to making broadband available and affordable to all

"In the wake of Chairman Waxman's announcement, consumers
need FCC action now more than ever. The FCC must exercise its authority
to protect Internet users and implement the National Broadband Plan.
Consumers are currently unprotected, and it would be irresponsible for
the FCC to fail to act.

"The so-called solution proposed by Congressman Barton,
which would leave the FCC a toothless watchdog, is the surest way to
allow a few large companies to carve up the Internet and gouge

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