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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Merry Griftmas! Party With the Former Thug In An Airplane Hangar For Just $10,000!

Get ready for the Holiday Event of the Year, where the former guy will reprise his wife's dystopian Christmas decor, though it's unclear if it'll be blood-red Murder Trees or spectral Hell-on-Earth spikes. Also unclear: why they don't say it's a fundraiser for an unnamed recipient being held in a Naples airplane hangar; who would pay $10K for a photo with a monster; how many people he infected or killed after, it turns out, he hid a positive COVID test to spend a week brazenly gathering with fans and debating with Biden; and why these ghouls are still defiling God's green earth.

Abby Zimet · Dec 2, 2021

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