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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

All Your Stupid Little Fake Tattoos: Tuckums Makes An Ass Of Himself (Again)

Sorry, more dirtbags. But we get to see John Fetterman rip one of the dirtbaggiest - fascist-wannabe, testicle-tanning, white supremacist fish-stick heir Tucker Carlson - a new one, which was cool. Having viciously mocked the post-stroke Fetterman as a "cognitively impaired" "incompetent husk" who "can't talk," Tucker also called his tattoos "fake...a costume." Nope, said Fetterman: Each marks the date someone in Braddock died violently when he was mayor; those losses "remind me what I am fighting for." You wouldn't think lamentable Tucker could be made more vile and small. Yet here we are.

Abby Zimet · Sep 26, 2022

House Dems Urge Biden to Push for Removal of Climate-Denying World Bank President

"We need a World Bank Group leader who fully appreciates the threat of climate change and the need to accelerate the global transition to a clean just energy future to improve living standards, reduce poverty, and encourage sustainable growth."
Kenny Stancil ·

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