Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Dr. Susan Moore said she experienced medical racism in an Indiana hospital before being prematurely discharged. (Photo: Facebook/GoFundMe)
"This is how Black people get killed, when you send them home and they don't know how to fight for themselves," said Dr. Susan Moore in a video she posted on Facebook.
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Protesters stand near an intersection not far from the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex to protest where death row inmate Wesley Ira Purkey was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection.
"The government's rush to kill has caused senseless risk for incarcerated...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A screenshot from The Story of Stuff's new video, The Story of Water: Who Controls the Way We Drink?
"We know what really happens when a city turns over this precious resource to...

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