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'Normal' is killing us.

Donald Trump is out of the White House. COVID-19 is fading, at least in wealthier nations. The world, they say, is returning to “normal.” That’s the narrative that the corporate media is selling. But there’s a problem: “normal” is destroying our planet, threatening our democracies, concentrating massive wealth in a tiny elite, and leaving billions of people without access to life-saving vaccines amid a deadly pandemic. Here at Common Dreams, we refuse to accept any of this as “normal.” Common Dreams just launched our Mid-Year Campaign to make sure we have the funding we need to keep the progressive, independent journalism of Common Dreams alive. Whatever you can afford—no amount is too large or too small—please donate today to support our nonprofit, people-powered journalism and help us meet our goal.

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As Trump Kills Covid-19 Relief Talks, Census Data Shows Millions of Americans Expecting to Lose Wages, Job, or Home

"When it comes to relief for struggling families, he's nothing but selfish and vindictive," Sen. Elizabeth Warren says of the president.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

"Ball Is Now in the Court of Senate Republicans": GOP Urged to Immediately Pass Democrats' $2.2 Trillion Covid Relief Bill

"House Democrats have again stepped up. Will McConnell and the White House ever do the same?"

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'Outrageous' and 'Disturbing': Openly Defying Federal Court Order, Wilbur Ross Moves to Shut Down Census Early

"Complying with a federal court's order is not optional. The Trump administration is flouting the rule of law to undercount and erase our communities."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Civil Rights Groups Claim Victory, Vow to Fight On After Federal Judge Blocks Trump From Ending Census Early

"The Trump administration was attempting to fan the flames of racial division, further divide our country and exclude communities of color from the final enumeration."

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Federal Court Blocks 'Nakedly Partisan' Trump Effort to Exclude Undocumented Immigrants From Census

"President Trump has tried and failed yet again to weaponize the census against immigrant communities."

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Save Lives. Fill Out Your Census.

Taking the census ensures your community gets its fair share of funding—and representation—during the pandemic and beyond.

Robert P. Alvarez ·

Civil Rights Groups Request Emergency Injuction to Stop Trump 'Sabotage' of 2020 Census

"Fighting a pandemic is already a high hurdle to clear in obtaining an accurate count. It's outrageous that we must also fight against an administration seeking to skew our population numbers."

Jon Queally, staff writer ·

Marginalized Communities Could Be 'Shortchanged' for Decades to Come by Trump's Abrupt Change to Census Deadline, Critics Say

Last week, the Trump administration shortened the Census deadline by a month as the government scrambles to get an accurate count amid the pandemic.

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Analysis Shows Rapid and Reckless Reopenings Not Only Bad for Public Health—But the Economy Too

"There is no way around it: getting the economy back on track means controlling the pandemic."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Warning of GOP Voter Suppression, Progressives Urge Democrats to Reject Any Covid-19 Deal Without Election Assistance

"Republicans cannot be allowed to suppress the vote in the middle of a pandemic."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·