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47 Advocacy Groups Urge Facebook to Explain, Cease Censorship of Israel Critics

The groups called on the social media giant to "repair this mistrust with our communities and ensure that we can count on Facebook and Instagram as free civic spaces and tools for holding governments accountable."

Brett Wilkins ·

Government Can Be the Solution: Eight Lessons From the Pandemic

Lesson 1: Essential workers deserve far better.

Robert Reich ·

Citing Mental Health and Privacy Concerns, Dems Call On Facebook to Kill 'Instagram for Kids' Plot

"When it comes to putting people before profits, Facebook has forfeited the benefit of the doubt, and we strongly urge Facebook to abandon its plans to launch a version of Instagram for kids."

Jessica Corbett ·

Facebook Panel Upholds Platform's Ban on Former President Donald Trump

One activist argued that focusing on the Trump ban obscures the more fundamental point that "Facebook's surveillance capitalist business model is fundamentally incompatible with human rights."

Jake Johnson ·

World Press Freedom During the US Tech Boom

Free Press believes that creating a diverse and thriving news sector in the United States can be achieved by imposing a tax on online-advertising revenues that fuel the platforms and the attention economy.

Timothy Karr ·

Signal Trolls Facebook by Showing How Data Is Collected for Targeted Advertising

"You got this ad because you're a newlywed pilates instructor and you're cartoon crazy."

Brett Wilkins ·

Coalition Mobilizes to Protect Billions of WhatsApp Users From Facebook's Privacy Invasion

"We can't let Mark Zuckerberg continue to get filthy rich off of this exploitation of our personal info. We must reclaim our privacy."

Jake Johnson ·

Was 'Fake News' a Natural Outcome of Our 'Give the People What They Want' Corporate Media System?

On the market model and today's entrenched media tribalism.

Mario A. Murillo ·

Curbing the Spread Of Global Hate

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter helped right-wing populists take power. Can they now help rein them in?

John Feffer ·

Biden Urged to Pick Appointees Who Will Strongly Enforce Antitrust Laws Against Big Tech

"Truth is under siege, and Big Tech platforms have become too big to care—they must be reined in."

Kenny Stancil ·

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