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Big Tech 'Fundamentally At Odds With Children's Well-Being,' Advocates Say

"Now is the time for Congress to act and enact safeguards that protect children and teens," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

Media Networks Suspend Reporting in Russia Over Censorship Law

The Russian government also blocked access to Facebook, which RSF called the "Kremlin's latest move to isolate the population from uncontrolled sources of information."

Jessica Corbett ·

Facebook Fails to Label Climate Misinformation From 'Toxic 10': Analysis

"The price of Mark Zuckerberg's failure to deal with his platforms' pollution of the information ecosystem," said one advocate, "is catastrophic damage to our physical ecosystem—including climate change, forced migration, drought, and famine."

Kenny Stancil ·

Facebook Misled Investors About Battling Climate, Covid Lies: SEC Filings

"Frances Haugen's SEC filing shows yet again that Facebook cannot be trusted and needs Congress to step in to stop the spread of disinformation," said one climate campaigner.

Jessica Corbett ·

Faith Leaders Denounce Zuckerberg's Instagram-for-Children Scheme

"Social media platforms that target immature brains, practice unethical data mining, and are inspired by profit motives," says the coalition, "are not a tool for the greater good of children."

Andrea Germanos ·

New Project Launched as 'Direct Counterweight' to Big Tech

"We are at a watershed moment with bipartisan support to finally break up the Big Tech monopolies that hurt consumers and small businesses."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Major Win': Judge Says Suit to Break Up Facebook Empire Can Proceed

"Facebook has bulldozed competition to dominate the market," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren. "We need to break up Big Tech and hold Facebook accountable for any violations of antitrust law."

Kenny Stancil ·

Congress Must Pass Federal Data Privacy Law to Protect Democracy

If policymakers don't learn from January 6, personal data-powered election interference will become the norm.

Erica Darragh ·

Congress Could Help Prevent Another Jan. 6 With Data Privacy Law, Say Campaigners

"The secretive collection, sale, and algorithmic manipulation of our personal data by platforms like Facebook must end," said one activist who called it a "primary driver" of the spread of misinformation.

Jessica Corbett ·

To Curb Facebook's Political Power, Take Away Its Section 230 Protection

The best way to limit the power of a Mark Zuckerberg to shape our political debates and influence elections is to downsize Facebook. Restructuring the protection provided by Section 230 can be a way to accomplish this goal.

Dean Baker ·

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