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Free Press Lauds Congressional Leadership for Support of Broadband Reclassification


On Wednesday, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry
Waxman (D-CA) and Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller
(D-WV) sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman
Julius Genachowski urging the agency to consider "all viable options,"
including reclassifying broadband services as a "telecommunications
service" in order to protect broadband consumers in the wake of the Comcast
v. FCC

The Comcast case ruling called into question the FCC's
authority to protect consumers online and implement important goals in
the National Broadband Plan such as rural deployment and cyber-security,
consumer transparency and public safety initiatives.

Josh Silver, president and CEO of Free Press made
the following statement:

"This is a clear indication that congressional leadership supports
the goal of universal, affordable, high-speed Internet access for all
Americans -- and that classifying broadband transmission under Title II
is the best path to get there. The chairmen's support for the FCC to use
its full authority to protect consumers further demonstrates that
changing the classification of broadband has widespread support. It is
anything but the 'radical move' that the carriers have deceitfully
painted it to be. Modernizing broadband policy under Title II is the
FCC's only viable option to carry out the goals in the National
Broadband Plan, protect the open Internet and safeguard Internet

Read the letter here:

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