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FBI Whistleblowers Speak Out Against S. 372

WASHINGTON - Nationally recognized FBI whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst issued a letter
today strongly opposing the repeal of FBI whistleblower rights
contained in the current Senate version of the Whistleblower Protection
Enhancement Act (S. 372).  This bill is currently being "hotlined" for unanimous consent.

In the 1990's Dr. Whitehurst
blew the whistle on scientific abuses in the FBI crime lab.  He won his
cases and as a result, President Clinton signed an order protecting FBI
agents who blow the whistle.  The current Senate bill repeals the
Clinton order and the law it was based on.  It will result in the
dismissal of numerous pending whistleblower cases, including that of
FBI Counterterrorism Unit Chief Bassem Youssef

Dr. Whitehurst wrote:

"Like most Americans I was looking forward to seeing President
Obama and Congress fulfill their promise to strengthen these
whistleblower rights that protect Americans.  However, I was horrified
to discover that the Senate whistleblower bill does not do this.  For
national security whistleblowers it does the exact opposite.  S. 372
repeals the FBI whistleblower protections that I sacrificed my career

Dr. Whitehurst's letter comes shortly after two other FBI whistleblowers, Jane Turner and Sibel Edmonds, issued a similar plea that the Senate bill be fixed.

Jane Turner
was a 25-year veteran Special Agent who was fired after she complained
that FBI agents had stolen "souvenirs" from the 9/11-crime scene.  Her
case, currently pending under the current FBI whistleblower law,  would
be dismissed if the S. 372 were signed into law.  Sibel Edmonds
worked for the FBI as a translator.  She identified about major
problems within the FBI's post-9/11 translation program.  In a case
filed under the current FBI whistleblower law the Inspector General
issued a report vindicating her allegations.  Under S. 372, the
Inspector General would
lose jurisdiction to conduct similar investigations.

To arrange interviews with Dr. Whitehurst, Jane Turner or Sibel Edmonds, please contact Lindsey Williams at or call 202-342-1903.


Dr. Frederic Whitehurst's Letter

Jane Turner and Sibel Edmonds' Letter

January 19, 2010 Washington Post article on Bassem Youssef's case



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