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Agent Orange

Monsanto-Bayer: Eliminating the Name Will Not Erase the History

We will continue to reclaim citizens’ rights, as well as those of small and medium producers, who, despite being crushed by the current market mechanisms, are the only ones providing us with healthy and nutritious food

Ruchi Shroff ·

Reviving the Spirit of ’68

I fear the forces the antiwar protesters were confronting fifty years ago have made a shift in keeping with their deepest interests: not to “win” the wars but simply to make sure they continue

Robert C. Koehler ·

Eyeing Landmark Verdict in Roundup Cancer Case, Vietnam Demands Monsanto Be Held Liable Over Agent Orange

"We believe Monsanto should be responsible for compensating Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange for the damages caused by the company's herbicides"

Andrea Germanos ·

Is Climate the Worst Casualty of War?

The money misspent on the Iraq War—a war for oil, let’s not forget— could have purchased the planetary conversion to renewable energy. Just sit with that a moment.

Stacy Bannerman ·

Veterans’ Group Says “No” to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series

“In this war-torn world, what is desperately needed – but what Burns and Novick fail to convey – is an honest rendering of that war to help the American people avoid yet more catastrophic wars.”

Mike Ferner ·

Iraq, 15 Years On: A Toxic US Legacy

Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded a fantastically bloody war on Iraq as part of its ongoing effort to ensure the Iraqi nation's perpetual misery.

Belén Fernández ·

50 Years Later, What Can We Learn From the My Lai Massacre?

A half-century after this horrific example of American brutality, it is time for the nation to confront this history

Ted Morgan ·

Yemen’s Crisis Belongs to All of Us

But the voices crying out against war remain as marginalized and without political clout as ever.

Robert C. Koehler ·

The Four Stages of the Antiwar Movement

The 10-year movement to end Vietnam was a complex phenomenon that evolved strategically as circumstances changed.

Bill Zimmerman ·

Does Vietnam Even Matter Any More? Does Ken Burns?

"There's no scoping out," the author writes. "That is intentional."

Robert Freeman ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.