Agent Orange

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Blocks of C-4 detonate
"Despite calls for a fifth convention two decades ago, military conflict continues to destroy megafauna, push species to extinction, and poison water resources."
Jon Queally, staff writer
"This important study shows how quickly we can rid our bodies of toxic...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Let me translate this for you: Trump wants to deport Vietnamese grannies who...


Precisely 47 years after the Vietnam War's My Lai massacre, the great Seymour Hersh, whose chilling dispatches stirred public outrage, has for the first time visited "the scene of the crime." Though well-schooled in the war's atrocities, he hears more stories "in bland appalling detail," grasps anew My Lai was "not an aberration," and affirms its still-crucial lesson: Duplicitous U.S. leaders colluded in an immoral war that ended, in part, when the press and the people spoke out against it.