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Collin Rees,

Oil Change International Responds to Minnesota Court of Appeals Ruling on Line 3


Today, a three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 decision to uphold the Minnesota state Public Utilities Commission (PUC)'s issuance of a certificate of need and route permit for the Line 3 oil pipeline to pipeline builder Enbridge. Judge Peter Reyes dissented, noting that the PUC "committed legal errors and acted arbitrarily or capriciously by granting [Enbridge] a certificate of need that is unsupported by substantial evidence.

The decision also increases pressure on President Joe Biden to step in and stop the Line 3 pipeline, which was permitted by Trump's administration and clearly fails to align with President Biden's climate goals. The decision can be appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

In response to the decision, Collin Rees, Senior Campaigner with Oil Change International, released the following statement:

"Today's Minnesota Court of Appeals decision is a clear example of our legal system failing communities and our climate. As Judge Peter Reyes noted in his dissent, Enbridge has repeatedly failed to support its arguments that this pipeline is needed.

"This incorrect decision means President Biden and Gina McCarthy must act immediately to stop Line 3's construction and revoke Trump's fraudulent permits. Line 3 would emit the equivalent of 50 new coal-fired power plants -- it's a colossal disaster for the climate and for communities.

"Every day President Biden refuses to stop the Line 3 pipeline is a slap in the face to environmental justice communities and a renewed breaking of his promises on climate and Indigenous rights. Climate leadership means ending the fossil fuel era and stopping Line 3."

Oil Change International is a research, communications, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the ongoing transition to clean energy.

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