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Washington Bottled Water Extraction Ban Testimony Proves It Will Protect Local Communities and Local Jobs

Olympia, WA

This morning, a public hearing was held for legislation in the state of Washington that would declare "any use of water for the commercial production of bottled water is deemed to be detrimental to the public welfare and the public interest."

A broad range of advocates and local residents provided testimony at the hearing, urging legislators to back the measure, SB 6278, to prohibit new water rights for commercial bottled water production.

Thomas Meyer, National Climate Organizing Manager of Food & Water Action, gave testimony in support of the bill on behalf of 43,000 Food & Water Action supporters in Washington State. He said,

"This bill will protect the water of all people in Washington State. Extracting local water supplies, putting them in plastic bottles and shipping them around the country for profit is not in the interest of our state or our planet.

"Water does not respect local political boundaries so the decisions of one local jurisdiction to allow a massive water bottling plant could impact the water availability of a neighboring town. This law ensures that one town isn't allowing water bottle extraction to the detriment of its neighbors, while also protecting key jobs like local farming, fishing, and tourism.

"We strongly urge you to protect our state's water resources for all Washingtonians."

Read the full testimony here.

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