Barney Frank

Jake Johnson, staff writer
Barney Frank, co-author of legislation that created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said the law is "clearly" not on Trump's side
Nika Knight, staff writer
The West Bank settlement of Givat Zeev is pictured in late December, 2016. (Photo: Getty)
Some state Democrats are attempting to derail resolution that states that "...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Bernie Sanders addresses a crowd in Charleston, West Virginia, where he is projected to win the May 10th primary. (Photo: Bernie Sanders campaign)
The Vermont Senator said he will 'mobilize' his delegates if party platform...


Despite coming up short against a more centrist rival in a primary bid for the US Congress in California's 2nd District, Democrat and anti-war candidate Norman Solomon does not bemoan defeat. “It’s important to fight this fight in electoral arenas and in the Democratic Party,” Solomon said. “We cannot afford to leave the electoral battlefield to corporate Democrats and Republicans”