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EPA Chief: Environmental and Public Health Rollbacks 'Make Things Better

EWG: 'Better—for polluters'


Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler told a Senate oversight committee today that the scores of rollbacks of environmental and public health regulations under the Trump administration have made things better.

In a hearing of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, the top-ranking Democrat on the committee, asked Wheeler if he and the agency would "stop writing rules that will make things actually worse, not better."

"All our rules make things better, sir," Wheeler responded.

"It seems that at the end of his answer, Administrator Wheeler left out 'for polluters,'" said EWG President Ken Cook.

"For more than three years, the Trump EPA has done everything it can to remove the safeguards meant to protect Americans' exposure to toxic chemicals, dirty air and contaminated drinking water," Cook said. "For Wheeler to claim these rollbacks were for the good of the nation is absurd and insulting."

Here are just some of the regulatory rollbacks the Trump administration has initiated at the behest of the fossil fuel, chemical, agrochemical and automobile industries:

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