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EPA Must Withdraw Clean Power Plan Repeal Proposal Which is Tainted by Scott Pruitt's Involvement

Pruitt's Mind is Made Up Against the Plan, So the Public Can't Count on Him to Give Fair Consideration.


Earthjustice joined with other groups in calling upon EPA to withdraw its proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from our nation's electric power plants, because the proposal reflects the improper involvement of Administrator Scott Pruitt. A similar request was made January 9 by a coalition of state and local governments.

Pruitt has been leading EPA's effort, announced in October, to repeal the Plan. But according to today's request, Pruitt's public statements and conduct show his mind is made up already, so that he cannot be a fair decision maker.

The following is a statement from Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen on today's news:

"Scott Pruitt has spent years relentlessly attacking the Clean Power Plan at every opportunity, with intemperate public rhetoric and with lawsuits. It would be sheer fantasy to think he will all of a sudden make a sharp U-turn and give the Plan a fair hearing.

"Too much is at stake to settle for anything other than a fair decision maker. The Clean Power Plan is of key importance to--and is supported by--millions of Americans. It will make big cuts in the carbon pollution that is driving climate change, and will also cut other pollution, saving thousands of lives each year and preventing tens of thousands of asthma attacks."

Read the document here.

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