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Trump's Senate Lapdogs Advance Tax Scam, Prioritizing A Legislative Victory over American Lives

Handing over major gift to corporations and the super-rich with a kiss of death to working Americans


CREDO released the following statement in response to Senate Republicans voting to pass the Trump Tax Scam:

"Senate Republicans just put a legislative victory over the well-being of the American people," Murshed Zaheed, CREDO Political Director, said of the vote. He added, "Republicans' desperation to secure a 'win' has pushed forward a piece of legislation that fails to take into account - or, more likely, blatantly ignores - the needs of so many Americans, and continues to give breaks to the super-rich and corporations."

Zaheed continued, "The American people deserve better," concluding, "the cruel and heartless tax scam that Trump's lapdogs jammed through the Senate will gut healthcare for millions of Americans and ultimately kill people."

So far, CREDO members have already made over 59,000 phone calls to Congress, and have generated hundreds of thousands of petition signatures in opposition to the Trump tax scam.

Additionally, CREDO's viral videos featuring members of Congress speaking out against the Trump Tax Scam have reached over 55 million people, have accrued over 30 million views, and have been shared over 600,000 times on Facebook.

Below, please find a short compilation of the steps CREDO Action is taking to fight back:

VIRAL VIDEOS EXPOSING TRUMP TAX SCAM REACH OVER 55 MILLION PEOPLE: CREDO'S videos featuring members of Congress speaking out against the Trump Tax Scam have reached over 55 million people, accumulated more than 30 million views and been shared more than 600,000 times on Facebook. Highlights include:

  • Rep. Suzan DelBene breaking down the House bill's preferential treatment of corporations over American citizens.

  • Rep. John Larson's epic remarks opposing the House bill's assault on his constituents and Republicans' efforts to jam the bill through Congress without meaningful debate.

  • Four Democratic congresswomen speaking out about the harm the House bill would cause to their constituents.

  • Rep. Judy Chu exposing the House bill's sneak attack on abortion rights.

  • Sen. Jeff Merkley shredding the Senate version of tax bill as "art of the steal."

59,000+ CALLS TO CONGRESS AGAINST THE TRUMP TAX SCAM: CREDO Members have already made more than 59,000 calls to Congress in opposition to the Trump tax scam, including more than 40,000 calls in recent days to key Senate Republicans, 5,800 calls to Senate Democrats who have met recently with Trump administration officials and more than 11,000 calls to vulnerable House Republicans in California.

FUNDING THE RESISTANCE TO THE TRUMP TAX SCAM: So far in 2017, CREDO has given more than $344,000 to organizations fully committed to resisting the Trump Tax Scam, including American For Tax Fairness, Social Security Works and DEMOS, through its monthly donations program. The Economic Policy Institute has been selected as one of three organizations to receive funding in November. Since 1985, CREDO has given more than $13 million to organizations fighting for economic justice.

200,000+ PETITION CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS: NO TAX HANDOUTS FOR SUPER RICH AND BIG CORPORATIONS: More than 200,000 people have signed CREDO's petition demanding that congressional Republicans oppose legislation to give more tax handouts to millionaires, billionaires, Wall Street and big corporations.

175,000+ SIGN PETITION TO CONGRESS: NO TAX LEGISLATION WITHOUT PARADISE PAPERS INVESTIGATION: The petition, which was launched on Nov. 7, reads: "Do not pass any tax-related legislation without first completing a full and public investigation into the offshore tax-dodging schemes revealed by the Paradise Papers, including financial ties between Trump Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and a Russian energy company linked to Vladimir Putin."

210,000+ PETITION CONGRESS: NO TAX LEGISLATION UNTIL TRUMP RELEASES ALL TAX RETURNS: The petition argues that Congress should not "consider changing the tax code while Trump hides potential conflicts of interest from legislators and the public."

CREDO Action, part of CREDO Mobile, is a social change network of over five million activists, sending tens of millions of petition signatures and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to decision-makers each year. CREDO Action members also participate in meetings, protests and other direct action for progressive change.