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Kucinich Calls for Review of Command and Control Protocols After Deadly Attack on Ally Pakistan

Furthers Questions Regarding U.S. Participation in NATO

WASHINGTON - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today elevated his questions about United States participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after an attack in Pakistan, a long time ally of the United States, killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Kucinich wrote to Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, calling for strong support of a “full and transparent investigation” of the attack on sovereign Pakistani territory and a full review of “command and control protocols” which led to the disaster.

See a signed copy of the letter here.

Dear Secretary Panetta:

I write to express my deep concern over the recent alleged North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) airstrike in Pakistan and ask that you ensure the success of a full and transparent investigation into the incident. The response of the United States will be critical to maintaining our vital relationship with Pakistan and to the security of our troops in Afghanistan.

As you know, Saturday’s airstrike that resulted in the death of 24 innocent Pakistani soldiers has further strained the U.S.-Pakistan relationship and increased anti-U.S. sentiment abroad.  Reports indicate that U.S.-led coalition forces operating in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for reprisal attacks.  The Pakistani government has now withdrawn from participation in the upcoming U.S-led Bonn Conference on the future of Afghanistan and has closed vital supply lines to our troops operating in the country.

We cannot be successful in securing peace and security in the region alone.  I urge you to ensure full U.S. participation in and cooperation with a full, impartial and transparent investigation into the airstrike.  It is critical that those in the NATO and the International Security Assistance Force be held accountable for any actions that may have resulted in the death of 24 innocent Pakistani soldiers.

When forces act under the auspices of NATO, it inevitably has consequences for the United States and our allies.  It is imperative the NATO command be held responsible for the incident in Pakistan.  It is time to review all command and control protocols which may place the security of our allies' troops and, eventually, our own troops at risk.



Dennis J. Kucinich

Member of Congress


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