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Statement in Solidarity with Long Teran Kenan Community in Indonesia

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Rules Against Palm Oil Giant IOI

SAN FRANCISCO - Responding to a land dispute grievance filed by the Indigenous community of Long Teran Kenan and allies including Rainforest Action Network, against palm oil giant IOI Group, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has ruled that IOI is in breach of the RSPO Code of Conduct. The decision is available in its entirety here:

In response to the decision, Lindsey Allen, forest program director for Rainforest Action Network, issued the following statement.

“This decision by the RSPO contradicts IOI claims that they have negotiated in good faith with the community of Long Teran Kenan.

“As recently as April 2, 2011, IOI Corporation publicly stated its position that ancestral rights can be "extinguished" through monetary compensation which is not only offensive to the people of Long Teran Kenan, but is indicative of IOI's lack of commitment to sincere engagement with the community.

“Given that IOI is a supplier to Cargill—the largest importer of palm oil into the United States--this ruling reinforces Rainforest Action Network’s demand that Cargill institute basic safeguards on its supply chain to ensure it is not selling palm oil from stolen indigenous lands to American consumers.

“Rainforest Action Network welcomes the RSPO’s initial response to this grievance and will continue to stand in solidarity with the community of Long Teran Kenan in its fight to reclaim ancestral lands from one of the most powerful palm oil companies in the world.”

Key excerpts from the decision, in accordance with the RSPO grievance procedure, include:

            • The current and ongoing certification process of all IOI group’s activities will be suspended with immediate effect.

            • IOI group will be given a period of 28 days from the date of this letter to revert with an acceptable solution to these matters, which preferably should be mutually agreed by parties involved.

            • IOI group is expected to with immediate effect and agreed in advance with RSPO, to publish a statement on their corporate website indicating the two measures stated above.

Failure to deliver the required proposal by the due date of May 2, 2011 will result in the RSPO considering further sanctions against your company, which may include the suspension of your license for new transactions involving Certified Sustainable Palm Oil materials including GreenPalm certificates.


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