Violence Policy Center Strongly Backs Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

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Violence Policy Center Strongly Backs Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

VPC Releases “Accessories to Murder” Report with Images of High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines

WASHINGTON - The Violence Policy Center
(VPC), a national educational organization working to stop gun death and
injury, today hailed Representative Carolyn McCarthy’s (D-NY) proposal to
ban high-capacity ammunition magazines at the Capitol Hill press conference
announcing the bill.

VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand states, "Semiautomatic firearms loaded with high-capacity
magazines - holding 15, 33, 50 or even 100 rounds of ammo - make mass shootings
possible.  High-capacity magazines are the common thread that runs through
the most notorious and deadly mass shootings in America, including the Long
Island Railroad massacre, Luby's, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Fort
Hood.  Representative McCarthy's simple and effective measure will save

The VPC today released a report, “Accessories to
Murder,” which shows the variety of high-capacity magazines the gun
industry currently markets to its shrinking customer base. (Read
“Accessories to Murder: High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines,” at

Last week, the VPC released a report on high-capacity
magazines used in 10 of America’s
most notorious mass shootings. (Read “Ten Examples of High-Profile Mass
Shootings in the United States Involving High-Capacity Ammunition
Magazines,” at


The Violence Policy Center is a national tax-exempt educational organization working for a safer America through research, investigation, analysis, and advocacy. The VPC provides information to policymakers, journalists, organizations, advocates, and the general public.

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