Obama: The American Dream Includes Internet for Everyone


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Obama: The American Dream Includes Internet for Everyone

WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday delivered his first major
speech on our national recovery, pledging to "put the American Dream
within reach of the American people." A major component of this plan,
according to Obama, is "expanding broadband lines across America" to
give everyone the chance to get online.

Timothy Karr, campaign director of Free Press, made the following statement:

"Millions of people trapped on the wrong side of the digital divide
are being deprived of a better education, good jobs and full
participation in our democracy. We can turn this economic crisis into
an opportunity by getting everyone connected to the Internet.

"Nearly half of U.S. households still don't have a high-speed
Internet connection. And without a massive public investment, we'll
keep falling behind the rest of the world and failing to close the
digital divide. We need to focus on buildouts, not bailouts, to put
people back to work so that all Americans can realize Obama's American
Dream. It's not only about enrichment but engagement. Connecting
everyone to the Internet is a down payment on a better democracy.

"The Internet organizing that paved Obama's way to Washington has
transformed 21st-century politics. But that movement doesn't end at the
doorstep of the White House. In 2009, it's time to ensure that every
American has access to a fast, open and affordable Internet."

Read Free Press' detailed plan: Down Payment on Our Digital Future: Stimulus Policies for the 21st-Century Economy

For more information, visit http://www.freepress.net/ or http://www.internetforeveryone.org/




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