Danny Glover on Obama as the Lesser of Two Evils

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Danny Glover on Obama as the Lesser of Two Evils

Glover: There is nothing inconsistent about simultaneously voting for and criticizing a candidate.

WASHINGTON - Danny Glover has been very critical of the policy stances that Barack Obama has taken in his campaign for President. Despite this, Glover is about to go campaign on his behalf in swing state, Nevada. The Real News spoke to Danny Glover, actor and activist

Danny discusses the importance of third party candidates, even while not voting for them, of getting their ideas out there. Danny is voting for Obama because he sees a visible, qualitative difference between him and McCain over who will be more sensitive to issues of poverty and access in such an unequal society.

" We have the opportunity to really reinforce ideas which will bring about a discussion around qualitative change within the Obama campaign and with the Obama presidency. I think we have to forceably create the space necessary for this discourse".

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