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Laura Bonham, PDA Communications Coordinator, (435) 336-2123
Tim Carpenter, PDA National Director
 ,  (413)-320-2015

Progressive Democrats of America Hits Campaign Trail National PDA Leaders Lead Campaigns in Seven States


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) national staff and volunteers are hitting the campaign trail
in seven key states to get out the vote for Barack Obama and
PDA-endorsed Healthcare NOT Warfare Congressional Candidates. PDA is
working to raise awareness and motivate voters with visits to high
school and college campuses, dinners, canvassing, phone-banking,
rallies and flyering.

PDA launched the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign
earlier this year to demand a responsible and rapid end to the Iraq War
and to redirect funds to meet human needs, specifically single-payer
health care reform. PDA endorsed several congressional candidates who
have embraced the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign.

PDA national director Tim Carpenter
said, "We're stepping up our efforts during these closing weeks to
elect Obama and a more progressive Congress. We've already started.
New-voter registration coordinator Bruce Taub and a team of
Massachusetts volunteers just returned from a four-day trip to

PDA Communications Director Laura Bonham
said, "We're taking on the McCain Campaign from coast to coast, even in
his home state of Arizona." In the Tucson area, Arizona chapters are
joining efforts led by PDA advisory board member Representative Raul
Grijalva, and Tim Carpenter will speak at the 'Arizona Divorces McCain
Rally' on November 1, in Phoenix."

Carpenter added,
"The choice is clear. A vote for Obama and our endorsed Healthcare NOT
warfare candidates is a vote for a stable economy, green energy
solutions, guaranteed healthcare for all, and an end to the occupation
of Iraq. That's why PDA is working so hard to elect Obama and a more
progressive Congress from California to New York, and from New
Hampshire to Florida."

Carpenter, Bonham and other PDA national staffers
will join PDA state leaders and members in California, New York,
Virginia and Florida to campaign for several Healthcare NOT Warfare
congressional candidates: Debbie Cook (CA-46), Steve Young (CA-48), Dr.
Bill Durston (CA-03), Eric Massa (NY-29), Andrea Miller (VA-04), Faye
Armitage (FL-07), John Russell (FL-05), and John Tudor (FL-12). The
campaigns of Congressional Progressive Caucus members Rep. Loretta
Sanchez (CA-47) and Rep. Robert Wexler (FL-19) will also benefit.

PDA will organize a four-day bus tour of Ohio
with stops in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Cincinnati. PDA members
continue GOTV efforts in their own communities, and make ongoing visits
to swing states including New Hampshire, Indiana, Virginia,
Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Detailed PDA campaign trail schedule:

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