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Laura Bonham, Communications Coordinator, PDA:, (435) 336-2123

Tim Carpenter, Executive Director, PDA:, (413)-320-2015

Progressive Democrats of America to Activate Peace Voters on September 20


Activists from Progressive Democrats of America will help lead a nationwide anti-war coalition outreach effort called Million Doors for Peace Saturday, September 20. PDA members will engage in dialogue with their neighbors to discuss the disastrous Iraq War policies and identify opponents of the war for future political organizing.

PDA National Director Tim Carpenter says, "PDA is pleased to participate in this mobilization. Our members will knock on doors in neighborhoods throughout the country, raising awareness and informing voters. We expect this outside the beltway effort will promote our lobbying work in Congress by energizing citizens to demand a swift, orderly wrap up of the U.S. military occupation of Iraq. We must end that war so we can address human needs at home, specifically health care for all, green energy, and jobs."

PDA Board Member Jim Hightower says, "If we have any hope of meeting our
needs at home, we must end the occupation of Iraq--and we need to get
busy, now!" Hightower adds, "We can't do this alone, but in coalition with Catholics United, Cities for Peace,, Pax Christi USA, Peace Action, Progressive Accountability, United for Peace & Justice, USAction,, Voters for Peace and Win Without War we can make a difference--together we can turn out a million voters for peace!"

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