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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

Slouching Towards Fascism With DeSantis' Election Police

Taking Orwell's "1984" and running with it into a despotic dystopia of his own feverish imagining, Florida's Himmler-wannabe Ron DeSantis wants to create an Office of Election Crimes and Security, with state agents posted at "field offices" to get "tips" from snitches on imaginary crimes even though Florida's last, supremely fair election - which he proudly touted as the "gold standard" for electoral integrity - uncovered only three older Village people who committed fraud by zealously if bafflingly voting twice for whatzizname. Election Gestapo: Yeah, this is totally normal.

Abby Zimet · Jan 18, 2022

Civilians Reportedly Among 20 Yemenis Killed in Saudi Airstrike

The people of Yemen "can't wait any longer for peace," says an Oxfam director. "The international community must urgently negotiate an immediate cessation in hostilities and a lasting end to the conflict."
Brett Wilkins ·

UN Chief Urges Global Solidarity on Covid, Climate, and Debt Relief

"The last two years have demonstrated a simple but brutal truth, if we leave anyone behind, in the end, we leave everyone behind," said the secretary-general at the opening of the virtual Davos summit.
Jessica Corbett ·

Ted Cruz's Pro-Corruption Case Gets Supreme Court Review

According to one legal expert, "The statute challenged in Cruz is a matter of common sense: the corruption risk inherent in post-election payments effectively made to candidates themselves is obvious and acute."
Andrea Germanos ·

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