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'Extremely Concerned': Shelling of Europe's Biggest Nuclear Power Plant More Worrying Than Chernobyl

Ukraine said parts of the facility were "seriously damaged" by Russian military strikes.

Common Dreams staff ·

To Turn Back the 'Clock of Doom' Millions of Us Need to Step Forward

ICAN has laid the groundwork for an invigorated movement for nuclear disarmament. But in spite of their extraordinary accomplishments so far, our struggle for nuclear disarmament and a peaceful future has just begun.

Sharleen Leahey ·

Why Isn't the Media Talking About Banning Nuclear Weapons?

Media attention is vital if the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is to become a reality.

Karl Grossman ·

5-Year-Old Girl Among Those Killed in Latest Israeli Bombing of Gaza

"This is unnecessary, unprovoked, reckless," said one observer.

Jake Johnson ·

China Cuts Off Military, Climate Ties With US Over 'Egregious Provocation' by Pelosi

"Way to go, ⁦Speaker Pelosi," said one critic. "Your visit to Taiwan really helped global cooperation on critical issues like the environment. Not."

Jon Queally ·

The Other Victims of US Burns Pits Were the Iraqi and Afghan People

The close to $700 billion appropriated in the PACT ACT for the next ten years will help alleviate some suffering caused by Halliburton’s war profiteering, but only for U.S. victims. It won’t do a thing for the people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amy Goodman ·

Polling Makes Clear: Americans Don't Want War With Iran

On the eve of a new round of JCPOA talks, a new survey shows that today’s saber rattling is a bit unwelcome.

Connor Echols ·

Hiroshima and Ukraine—an Existential Teachable Moment

Nuclear weapons do not make us safe and have not prevented war but rather have brought us closer to realizing the catastrophic outcome of nuclear war either by intent, miscalculation, or accident.

Robert Dodge ·

Reflections on Russia's Antiwar Protests and Ours

While the two antiwar movements have encountered quite different treatment, there seems little disparity when it comes to the question that's really the crux of the matter: Did the demonstrations count for anything?

Tom Gallagher ·

Pro-Golfers Dirty Themselves By Taking Blood Money From Saudi Arabia

LIV Golf is a scam that's entirely financed by the brutish family of petro-royals who ruthlessly rule Saudi Arabia.

Jim Hightower ·

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