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From Our Post-9/11 Archives: "The Algebra of Infinite Justice"

It will be a pity if, instead of using this as an opportunity to try to understand why September 11 happened, Americans use it as an opportunity to usurp the whole world's sorrow to mourn and avenge only their own.

Arundhati Roy ·

One 9/11 First Responder Reflects: Life is Duty

Respect is hollow in absence of shared sacrifice.

Donna Smith ·

Twenty Years After 9/11, 'The Only Way to Effectively Counter Terror Is to End War'

Anti-war voices reflect on two decades of the misguided hubris, failed policies, war profiteering, suffering, and death that resulted from the 2001 attacks.

Brett Wilkins ·

My Memories of 9/11 and the Fool's Errand of Destroying Terrorism With Violence

New York has not been the same since the events of September 11, 2001. Twenty years after that dreadful day, the echoes of the tragedy persist.

César Chelala ·

20 Years After 9/11, Reparations for Afghanistan and an End to War

The only way to combat terrorism is to end these wars for vengeance and profit.

Kathy Kelly ·

We Still Need a Post-9/11 Reckoning

Because as much as American history is about triumphing over hardship, too often it's also been about finding a minority—of religion, of race, of sexuality, of immigration status—to blame for that hardship.

Rana Abdelhamid ·

On 9/11 Anniversary, Anti-War Group Says 'Cut the Pentagon for People, Planet, and Peace'

"We must learn from the horrifying consequences of U.S. war and begin down a path towards peace."

Brett Wilkins ·

Big Tech War Profiteers Raked in $44 Billion During 'Global War on Terror'

"When the U.S. chooses war over aid, Big Tech profits."

Andrea Germanos ·

The Unlearnt Lessons of 9/11, Twenty Years Out

American political and military leaders exploited 9/11 to advance their own agendas, plowing more and more of our hard-earned tax dollars into the pockets of military contractors while curtailing civil liberties both at home and abroad.

Mark Dunlea ·

On Fox News, Civilians Killed by US Don't Count

This policy of consistently burying the facts about the impact of the war on Afghanistan must make the pundits at Fox proud. But journalists who care about the principles of the profession should be embarrassed.

Peter Hart ·

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