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What You Need to Know About Israel's So-Called 'Change' Coalition

The new government — if it takes power at all — is united only around ousting Netanyahu. Here’s what that could mean.

Phyllis Bennis ·

Nukes, Lies and Invisible Murder

Militarism creates the illusion of safety, though of course its endless presence creates just the opposite.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Biden Joins Long Line of Presidents to 'Woefully' Undercount Civilians Killed in US Wars

"Victims, their families, and the American public deserve far better than this."

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

US Air Force Plans to Buy More Bombs 'Better-Suited for Operations in the Pacific'

"The new Cold War with China currently being pushed in Washington does not serve the millions of people demanding change across this country nor the billions of people affected by U.S. foreign policy abroad."

Kenny Stancil, staff writer ·

The Fumbling King of Palestine: Palestinians are Defeating the Oslo Culture

Like Biden's foreign policy, Abbas is equally bankrupt.

Ramzy Baroud ·

Biden's Military Budget Is Unconscionable

With the Afghanistan War finally ending, we shouldn't squander our "peace dividend" on costly weapons or military bloat.

Lindsay Koshgarian ·

Schumer's Anti-China Bill Sacrifices Climate for Empire

This bill would sabotage an opportunity for the U.S. and China—countries responsible for releasing half of the world's fossil fuel emissions—to partner on curbing emissions and sharing strategies for greening the Earth.

Marcy Winograd ·

Biden Dangerously Accelerating the New Cold War with China

Despite our differences with China—some of them profound—we would do well to prioritize pursuing mutually beneficial diplomacy and building collaborations to address the existential threats to survival over preparing for catastrophic war with the Middle Kingdom.

Joseph Gerson ·

“If There Are Enough Shovels to Go Around”: Surviving the Nuclear Threat

Activists are set to hold a demonstration at Büchel Air Base in Germany, where about 20 U.S. nuclear bombs are stored.

Brian Terrell ·

'Mowing the Grass' No More: How Palestinian Resistance Altered the Equation

The incredible amount of global solidarity which made headline news all over the world was a clear indication that the many years of preparedness at a grassroots level have paid off.

Ramzy Baroud ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.