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Sanders Institute

Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away

Virginia billionaire says that while he recognizes the nullification of the coal miners' health package and union contract is "painful," the pain is necessary for the sale to be worthwhile to an investor like him

Jon Queally ·

'People Shouldn't Be Going Bankrupt and Dying': Nationwide Week of Action Aims to Build Mass Movement Behind Medicare for All

"As nurses, we understand the need for guaranteed healthcare for everyone. That's why we are fighting to win Medicare for All and joining thousands at barnstorms across the country."

Jake Johnson ·

Sherrod Brown: Medicare for All Not 'Practical.' Progressives: 'OK. Thank You. Next.'

"Fight for single-payer or get kicked out of Washington trying."

Jon Queally ·

Progressives Warn Against Democrats Pushing 'Diluted' Half-Measures as Alternative to Medicare for All

"Improved Medicare for All has support from an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters, so why the sudden proliferation of public option proposals? We should be very skeptical of these sorts of bills."

Jake Johnson ·

'A Giant Step' Toward Humane Healthcare as Democrats Announce First-Ever Hearings on Medicare for All

"This will ensure that Medicare for All is part of the 2020 Democratic presidential platforms," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who will sponsor the House Medicare for All bill

Jake Johnson ·

How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?

Despite data to the contrary, the media continues to distort Sanders' politics and the diversity of his supporters

Katie Halper ·

'Time for a Jubilee!': US Student Loan Debt Hits Record $1.46 Trillion. Funny, That's More Than GOP's Corporate-Friendly Tax Giveaway

Student debt has doubled since 2009, but economists argue that forgiving all of it—that's right, all of it—is something the country needs and can clearly afford.

Jon Queally ·

The Sanders Institute's Gathering Was About Saving the World, But It Was Not About Bernie Sanders

It was a small conference with big ideas and a deep sense of urgency. "We need to do it all," said one attendee. "We just simply need to do it all."

Julia Conley ·

$3.5 Trillion on Healthcare Each Year and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy

Our health is not a commodity to profit from, nor is it a welfare program to be minimized or privatized

Michael Lighty ·

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