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For Immediate Release

Statement Regarding the Release of Vietnamese Climate Leader, Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh

On behalf of an international coalition of climate justice and human rights organizations, we are overjoyed by news of the early release from prison of Vietnam climate hero, Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh.

Over the last 10 years, the internationally-renowned Goldman Environmental Prize winner worked with provincial governments to reduce Vietnam’s coal expansion plans; raise public awareness about the link between coal plant emissions and Hanoi having some of the worst air pollution in the world; and conduct research and policy engagement to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of solar solutions in Vietnam.

She, along with three other climate leaders in Vietnam, was imprisoned on spurious tax evasion charges. The other three remain in jail, including prominent environmental lawyer, Mr. Dang Dinh Bach.

Climate experts and environmental advocates, including Ms. Khanh, are vital to Vietnam’s clean energy transition. All stakeholders, including civil society, are essential to moving the country away from coal toward the government’s promise of net zero emissions by 2050 and the implementation of the Just Energy Transition Partnership. They must be able to participate freely and safely in the energy transition and to operate within a supportive and collaborative environment.

International Rivers is an environmental and human rights organization with staff on four continents. For three decades, we have been at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them.