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Peter Hart,

Offshore Drilling Plan Is Another Biden Disappointment

White House once again fails to live up to its own climate rhetoric.


The Interior Department issued its long-awaited draft plan to manage offshore oil and gas drilling over the next five years. The plan calls for drilling to continue in the Gulf of Mexico and the Cook Inlet of Alaska.

Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter released the following statement:

"This draft plan falls short of what we desperately need: An end to new oil and gas drilling in federal waters. President Biden has called the climate crisis the existential threat of our time, but the administration continues to pursue policies that will only make it worse.

"The oil and gas giants are cynically exploiting runaway gas prices to press for more drilling. This would do absolutely nothing to address the high prices at the pump, which is a crisis of their own making that has delivered obscene profits to Wall Street investors and misery to working people. In an attempt to score short term political points, this plan sacrifices communities in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska to years of toxic pollution and climate disasters.

"President Biden campaigned on a pledge to stop new oil and gas drilling on federal land and waters, and so far he has fallen well short of that goal. It is now up to climate and environmental justice activists to push for a stronger plan that protects our coasts, our water and our climate future."

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