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Cassidy DiPaola,

You're Invited! Big Oil Billionaires: Profits Over People Street Party

Join Big Oil’s Richest Executives as We Celebrate a Quarter of Record Profits and Rampant Price Gouging! We Owe it All to You!


On Wednesday, June 8th, the new industry booster group, "Big Oil Billionaires" is holding its first annual Profits Over People Street Party at the American Petroleum Institute headquarters in Washington, DC. Come party with Big Oil's richest!

After a quarter of record profits, fueled by war profiteering, forcing extractive projects like Line 3 on Black, Indigenous and communities of the global majority and gouging consumers, the Big Oil Billionaires are celebrating the people they sacrifice to make their windfall profits possible. They'll start at the American Petroleum Institute headquarters with champagne toasts, and then parade over to the Senate Office Buildings with bags of money to give big oil's backers in the Senate their cut of windfall profits. Be sure to look out for our new, shiny convertible! We might just send a wave your way.

What: Big Oil Billionaires: Profits Over People Street Party

When: Wednesday June 8th, 2022 at 11:30am ET

Where: Starts at the American Petroleum Institute, 1220 L St NW, Washington D.C., DC 20005

Who: Big Oil Billionaires, Big Oil's hot, new, elite industry booster group.

Why: Thanks to Big Oil's ingenious consumer price gouging and courageous war profiteering, the rich are getting richer! We want to celebrate a quarter of record profits - and the people like YOU who made our windfall profits possible. You might even get your first sip of Dom Perignon.

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