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Lindsay Meiman,

"Stronger Than Storms: Climate & Just Recovery Forum" Convening Leaders on the Frontlines of Climate Disasters


As the COVID pandemic rages on, and the Trump administration exploits our communities, the climate crisis is all around us. In 2020 alone in the US, amidst record-breaking temperatures, the Greenland Ice Sheet has passed the point of no return; year-round fires down the West Coast to Colorado are forcing people from homes, bringing poisonous air and water, and rolling blackouts; warming oceans are doubling hurricanes, floods and storms throughout the Carribean, Gulf and Atlantic Coasts; historically-rare derechos are bringing hurricane-like conditions to Iowa and the Midwest, threatening food and lands.

Tomorrow, on Weds, September 30, we'll unite for 'Stronger than Storms: Climate & Just Recovery Forum,' bringing together community leaders from impacted communities on the frontlines of demanding and building a Just Recovery on the ground. We are demanding an equitable, inclusive, and healing Just Recovery from compound crises of COVID-19, climate breakdown, and racial and economic injustice, at scale with the crises.

WHAT: Stronger than Storms: Climate & Just Recovery Forum

WHEN & WHERE: 34 days before the November election TOMORROW,Wednesday, September 30, at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. Register here.

WHO: Leaders on the frontlines of historic and ongoing climate disasters building a Just Recovery on the ground. Speakers include:

  • Jasilyn Charger, 24-year oldIndigenous Environmental Protector
  • Veronica Noriega, Mentes Puertorriquenas en Accion, a non-profit organization organizing young people into social initiatives in Puerto Rico
  • Cesar Aguirre, Central California Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Xiye Bastida, Re-Earth Initiative, NYC youth climate activist, raised in Mexico as part of the Otomi-Toltec Indigenous Peoples
  • Troy Robertson, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP), Regional Organizer from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN,New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), President
  • Moderator: Amira Odeh,, Carribean and Florida Organizer from Puerto Rico.

WHY: Fossil fuel executives cashed out our planet. We're coming together to make polluters pay and demand a Just Recovery led by those on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

The same fossil fuel companies that have doubled the number of billion-dollar climate disasters and lied about climate change, are the same ones: pillaging ancestral lands of Indigenous peoples without free prior and informed consent... continuously putting workers, our communities, and our planet in harm's way... bankrolling militarized police and security... profiting off voter suppression... even backing anti-protest legislation attempting to criminalize our rights to protect our communities...

This comes as we commemorate anniversaries of ongoing climate devastation: 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, 2 years since Paradise burned, 3 years since Hurricanes Maria, Harvey, and Irma, 8 years since Superstorm Sandy, millions displaced from homes exercising the right to migrate as dangerous authoritarianism reveals its ugly face. The costs of climate destruction are paid for through the lives and livelihoods of BIPOC, immigrants, and workers. is working with communities across the country and around the world to build a Just Recovery. This includes demanding no fossil fuel bail-outs, and resources be immediately and directly redistributed toward community relief, mutual aid, public power, and community-determined solutions for long-term health and a regenerative economy.

350 is building a future that's just, prosperous, equitable and safe from the effects of the climate crisis. We're an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.